Wednesday, September 26, 2012

al Fresco in the City

     I am happy for a new season of blogging!  I absolutely LOVE autumn!  The sun is shining and the trees are just beginning to show tinges of color in the city.  Tavern on the Square represents perfectly the festive fall atmosphere.  You can sit by the fireplace in their cozy alcove.  You can sit inside the restaurant near the bar and enjoy a cocktail, or you can sit outside on the patio for lively conversation and people watching.  The day my husband and I went to lunch, the weather was not too hot and not too cold, just the right weather for dining al fresco.

     Every meal, at Tavern on the Square, begins with a small plate of crispy sweet potato chips, already provided for every table.  My husband did not get very many, I am sure, because I was totally enjoying those delicious tidbits.  A few were a bit overdone.  This made them bitter and tough, but that was very few.  It was a fun, little appetizer that was not too filling for lunch.

     For my meal, I chose the Fish Tacos with the Shredded Caraway Coleslaw ($8.95).  What a treat!  The whitefish had a mild flavor with a simple, light breading.  I did not know the taco would have Coleslaw on it, but it did not taste the same as the Caraway I had as my side.  I think, it was just a mayonnaise based cabbage salad with guacamole.  The fish and toppings were wrapped inside a soft flour tortilla.  Very flavorful!  The Coleslaw was quite tasty as well, creamy and crunchy with a slight bite.       

     My hubby had the Shaved New York Strip Sandwich and the Grape Tomato and Baby Mozzarella Salad with fresh basil for his side ($10.95).  He was very happy with his sandwich.  The shaved NY strip was lean and tender with a cheddar cheese melted on toasty white bread.  The rich au jus sauce, on the side, added a tang.  Unfortunately for him but fortunately for me, he was not impressed by his grape tomato and mozzarella side.  We actually ended up trading his salad for my caraway Coleslaw.  He did not like the fresh basil pesto.  I, on the other hand, thought it was quite yummy.  The grape tomatoes were ripe, sweet, and juicy, and the mozzarella added a creamy goodness to the zesty basil.  That was just a matter of taste the salad was not bad in anyway.   

     My husband and I had recently celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.  This was the first opportunity we had had to spend time alone.  What a lovely way to spend the afternoon together in downtown Lansing!   

Tavern on the Square