Saturday, October 6, 2012

Savory Soups

     I can safely say that soup is one of THE most perfect foods for autumn eating!  The Soup Spoon Cafe on Michigan Avenue serves up a mean bowl of soup!  My husband and I cannot resist their Pumpkin Bisque.  It is a seasonal blend, so as soon as the pumpkins are ripe, in the fall, we rush over to grab a cup.  That is, usually, all I can eat, a cup.  With creme fraiche on the top and a cup of fresh, dark roasted Rudy Baggs coffee, it is almost like dessert for lunch, although it is not sweet.  The savory flavor makes it simply decadent!         

     However, soup is not all they do.  The Soup Spoon features a wide variety of deliciously prepared entrees to please even the most finicky palate.  My hubby goes for the Stacked Roast Beef, which consists of thinly sliced roast beef and sharp cheddar with lettuce, onion, tomato on sourdough bread with their own café sauce.  His meal also includes a side dish, so he chooses to try their homemade Coleslaw.  The roast beef is tender and juicy.  The texture of the meat is complemented by the crispness of the vegetables on top and the soft sourdough bread.  The sauce adds a rich, creamy goodness to the whole sandwich ensemble.  The Coleslaw provides a nice, crunchy accompaniment to the yummy meal.  The Cafe Combo, a cup of soup, a half sandwich, and a side dish, is fairly priced at $6.99.  I also choose this amazing deal!

      I decide on one of the Soup Spoon's luscious wraps.  The “Wraptor”  includes grilled chicken, snow peas, bell peppers, onions, carrots and romaine wrapped up with sriracha and a sweet chili sauce.  The chicken is melt-in-your-mouth tender.  The cooks have prepared it perfectly!  The vegetables are fresh and snappy, and the chili sauce adds a wonderful spiciness.  I also choose the Coleslaw,  but I am unable to finish it.  My husband polishes it off for me.  My tummy is happy enough with the soup, sandwich and coffee.  Delish!

     The Soup Spoon Cafe boasts a very busy but comfortable establishment.  Lunch time is always, always bustling.  You usually have to wait quite awhile for a table.  Seats at the bar seem to be available more readily, although there is no rush.  The servers are friendly and helpful, and they make sure you are happy with your meal.  My favorite waitress is Gretchen.  Her sense of humor makes lunch just a bit more fun!

     Also, do not forget to take the time to look at the Michigan and Lansing art in the restaurant and to go next door to get your honey a rose or other giftie!

The Soup Spoon Cafe

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