Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Stroll Down 'The Avenue'

     There is a new kid in town... well, sort of.  The Avenue Cafe, formerly Gone Wired Cafe, is on Michigan Avenue just a few short minutes from downtown Lansing.  With a new look and a new attitude, this kid is ready to rock.  The owners wish to make their freshly renovated space into a new venue for Michigan brews, lattes, and music.  This vision embraces a love for the Lansing community and its diverse, incomparable music scene.  The owners also share a love of food.  

     Having frequented Gone Wired Cafe in the past, I immediately notice the new bar area.  The wall that hid the baristas is gone, and an open, more inviting environment has emerged.  The man at the bar, who takes our food and drink orders, is very friendly with a good sense of humor.  Unfortunately, the kitchen is all out of the Veggie Burger mix to fulfil my order.  This is a bit disappointing, but the bartender apologizes and makes other suggestions to satisfy my tastes.  I go for Vegetarian Quesadilla, which I still do not see on the menu.  Hmmm...  Oh well, it is delicious!  The Quesadilla tempts the taste buds with a generous amount of cheese, zucchini, mushroom, onion, and green pepper in a soft, flour tortilla. It is cooked perfectly and served with salsa.  My meal is complete with their Michigan roasted house coffee, brewed with obvious care.

     My husband orders the hamburger with fries.  The hamburger, he states, is good but a bit too done for his taste.  It comes with lettuce and tomato on the burger, and mayonnaise is served on the side.  Also on the side, my hubby is expecting fries, which is offered on a new The Avenue Cafe menu.  Instead, he gets seasoned fried potatoes with his burger.  Again, hmmm...  Sadly, he is not very happy with his meal.

     I am hoping The Avenue Cafe is just working some of the kinks out, as far as the menu goes, because I truly wish the owners the best.  The transition from Gone Wired to The Avenue Cafe has been fairly successful, thus far, with great bands from all over Michigan.  A fantastic, new music venue and an upscale place to meet friends for Michigan brews and coffee will be a wonderful asset to the Lansing community!

The Avenue Cafe Menu

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