Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Back!

      Portable Feast is back!  After a temporary absence, the owner decided to give Old Town another go, and we are certainly glad she did.  Sharon is amazingly sweet.  So are her desserts!  Um, we will get back to those in a moment.

     This little diner is clean, bright, and simple with a homey atmosphere.  Fresh flowers on the tables create a touch of elegance, as well as the artwork on the walls, without being pretentious, and soft music plays for a bit of background noise.  It is a delicious place to hang out and share a meal in a refreshingly, family friendly environment.  The pretty dishes are a big plus too.

Busby Beef
     Looking at the menu, the choice is a difficult decision.  My husband orders the Busby Beef, a sandwich honoring the late Robert Busby, an inspiring community leader and champion for Old Town.  Busby Beef consists of thinly sliced roast beef, horseradish sauce, sliced red onion, yellow pepper rings (banana peppers), and Swiss cheese.  This comes with kettle chips, Coleslaw or pasta salad for $7.35.  At Portable Feast you have a choice, each sandwich can be either a panini, a wrap, or just a whole wheat bun.  My hubby chooses the panini, and he adds lettuce and tomato.  He also decides on Cole slaw for a tangy crunch.  He is pretty impressed with his sandwich.  The meat is nice and tender.  The other ingredients are fresh and crispy. Overall, it is a very tasty sandwich!  He also enjoyed the yummy Coleslaw.  The garnish of a slice of blood orange is a sweet touch.        

The Turner

     As for me, I pick The Turner, a wonderful combination of spinach, bacon, tomato and mozzarella.  I ask for a panini, as well, with kettle chips on the side for $7.00.  The spinach, plus the mayonnaise I add, makes it kind of a sophisticated BLT.  This sandwich is scrumptious.  I know, with the bacon, what is not to like, right?  Exactly!   
     Now for the moment we have all been waiting for, getting back to dessert!  It is a hard choice here at the dessert case as well.  The desserts change all the time, but today, Portable Feast has something especially desirable... We decide to finish off our meal with a gorgeous piece of double chocolate, chocolate cake.  We decide to split it, because it is huge.  What a decadent slice of rich, luscious cake!   Mmm....   

     Sharon, the proprietor, has been in the restaurant business for a long time.  She has an idea of what people really love, when it comes to food.  She chooses her ingredients carefully, and she makes certain that everyone in the diner is comfortable and happy.  When you go, tell her Julie sent you. 

Unfortunately, Portable Feast has closed since this blog post was released.  :(