Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Gem in REO Town

I am beyond excited to relaunch this restaurant review blog that honors the taste and flair of Lansing. Plus, to be able to begin anew with such a fun lunch establishment makes the effort even that much sweeter. Good Truckin Diner has its beginnings in the food truck business as Good Truckin Foods, but the owners decided to get themselves a storefront in REO Town. I am certainly glad they did.

My husband has always been a little nervous when I say there is a brand new restaurant in town. He likes to wait a bit and hear what others think of it first.  However, these are the very places I usually drag him to right away. In this case though, he is happy for my persistence. 

The menu is a fabulous array of foods with funky, fresh names, from Hangover (breakfast sammich) to Miami Vice (craft burger) and Low Country (breakfast burrito) to Fire Balls (appetizer), one can choose breakfast, appetizers, or lunch/dinner entrees any time of day. The diner also has hand cut French fries and homemade potato chips that are crispy and delicious.

 The hubby orders the chocolate chip Flap Jacks, although he forgoes the whipped topping, which I feel is a huge mistake. I mean come on... Why not? He does make a good choice with the southern potatoes with bacon and sourdough toast though. The Flap Jacks are light and fluffy with just the right amount of melty chocolate chips. My husband likes the potatoes as well. The spuds have a crunchy exterior and tender potato goodness on the inside. Plus, the bacon is not overcooked. It happens more often than one might think. The chocolate chip Flap Jacks are a nice hearty breakfast meal that satisfies for lunch for only $6.99.

I order the El Marichi. This is a chorizo and beef burger topped with cheddar cheese, poblano aioli, and a fried egg on a brioche roll. A juicy, well-seasoned sandwich like this goes well with the restaurant's own chips. This craft burger looks rather small in the photo above, but it is quite a filling bite for $8.49.

Overall, we had a lovely experience at Good Truckin Diner. The decor, at this time, is a bit drab. Then again, the restaurant has just opened. The servers are engaging and sweet. We will definitely be back in the future.   

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